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Fair International Travel (FIT) operates carefully formulated eco-safaris that grants you an opportunity to enjoy the true taste of Africa. The program seeks to protect the attractions of the tourism destinations while benefiting the destination communities more sustainable. FIT acknowledges that tourism is a Top Priority in the fight against poverty, we seek to meet UN Millennium Development Goals such as poverty alleviation, gender equality and sustainable development through the use of Fair Trade Tourism.

In kenya there are various success stories of various community based projects but most of them are not breaking even because they are ignored by the conventional tour operators since they are perceived to be less profitable. Most of the tour operators want to sell the conventional tourism products which are know as they don't want to invest in marketing new products. Most of the marginalized communities have embraced conservation with their two hands and have initiated community projects from which they are expecting to accrual tangible benefits, this positive attitude will not last forever if the benefits don't trickle soon. To avert this change of attitude FIT seeks to open up these attractions to tourists since sustainable tourism is not sustainable unless sold.

Our mission is to ensure that tourists enjoy nature, share experiences with the local communities and contribute to their well-being, this is guide by our motto "Travel responsibly and touch the heart of a poor Person".

Kenya is currently among the leading sustainable tourism destination in the world, the destination continues to lure new visitors from all over the world and also to enthrall the most seasoned eco-traveller. Click here to view our eco-safaris.

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