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Travel in style and contribute to Local Economic Development (LED) in Africa
African Propoor Tourism Development Centre (APTDC) relies on the generous contributions of individuals, foundations and corporations alike. We believe that philanthropy is a shared responsibility and an opportunity to make a difference in the world. We believe that all of us should have a chance to give and to receive. We see each supporter of the African Propoor Tourism Development Centre as equal partners in our global network. Therefore, unlike most nonprofit groups, we do not categorize our supporters by the amount they have donated. We hope each and every donor is reaching to the limit of her or his capacity. Our partners are as outline below;

Travel in style and contribute to Local Economic Development (LED) in AfricaBill Jordan Wildlife Defense Fund USA's (BJWDF) aim and mission is to protect wildlife from cruelty and to alleviate suffering wherever possible. BJWDF is opposed to all forms of cruelty to wildlife.

The aims are to change people's attitudes towards wild animals and to provide immediate aid to all wildlife in distress. We aim to support orphan and injured animals and return them to the wild wherever possible. We are currently funding projects that are protecting cheetahs in Botswana, Tigers in Nepal, elephants in Kenya and Thailand and rhinos in Africa through our close association with Rhino Ark. And, our newest project, a cultural village in Kenya working to protect African lions.

All around the world, at home and abroad, humans continue to deliberately cause wild animals great suffering and trauma through their cruel actions - whether through poaching, for the fur and fashion trade, for hunting, for work practices, as a result of human population pressures, for our 'entertainment' or for 'sport'. BJWDF USA has been created to raise funds in order to commission and support projects and research to end this cruelty wherever we can. We have strong, personal contacts with experienced professional advisers in many parts of the world who are helping us to achieve our aims.

BJWDF USA was born out of the concern of its founder, Dr. Bill Jordan, at the needless suffering inflicted by humans on animals. Much of this cruelty is a result of ignorance and indifference. We aim to educate people and tackle the problems of exploitation of wild animals by humans, and to lobby governments and authorities to write and uphold legislation that will end all cruelty to wildlife.We provide advice and aid to wildlife in Kenya, Thailand, Nepal, Botswana, Chile, as well as in England and other countries.

Travel in style and contribute to Local Economic Development (LED) in AfricaFrom lions to groundshrews, giraffes to warthogs, leopards to meerkats and from grasslands to tropical forests, the African Conservation Foundation (ACF) provides back-up and support, skills and expertise to conservation initiatives in Africa which protect the indigenous species and habitats of this continent. ACF also successfully maintains a website ( that works as an interactive educational resource centre where groups and individuals can submit and view environmental news, announcements and educational information, consult online databases, participate in discussion forums, and learn more about conservation initiatives across the continent.

There is a huge base of info here on various projects that you can support... throughout Africa or throughout South Africa. If you are interested in any type of conservation issues, this is the site from which to start

Travel in style and contribute to Local Economic Development (LED) in AfricaThis is your gateway to Africa, land of adventure, mystery, wildlife, and hospitality. Africa's unique and rich mixture of people, cultures and natural resources has, over the years, inspired activities of every kind. Indeed, you are about to make a choice to visit one of the most diverse destinations in the world!

Africa's vast open plains teeming with wildlife, lush green forests, soaring snow-clad mountains, blistering hot deserts, spectacular sandy beaches, distinctive safari lodges, hotels and resorts, as well as the colorful and friendly people appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and vacationers alike. And whatever your interest as a visitor, one name stands above all others when it comes to luxury safaris, wildlife adventures, beach holidays, mountaineering, camping safaris, wonder-lust, family getaways as well as corporate and incentive travel - and that name is Premier Vacations Africa.

Entrusted by many travellers and travel agents worldwide for practicing the acceptable standards of travel professionalism and ethics. In our continued pursuit to excellence, you will notice the Premier Difference as soon as you entrust your African travel or vacation arrangements to us.

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