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Hotels on Sale in Amboseli National

  1. LR Number and Site Area

Title No

Site Area(Ha)

Site Area(Acres)

Registered Owner

















  1. Location

Amboseli National Park lies immediately North West of Mt. Kilimanjaro, on the border with Tanzania. The park covers 392 km2 and forms part of the much larger 3,000 km2 Amboseli ecosystem.  Large concentrations of wildlife occur here in the dry season, making ******* a popular tourist destination.

  1. Tenure


Title No

Lease Term


Unexpired Term

Annual Rent(Revisable)


30 Years

1 January 2012













In addition to above there shall be a payment of Two United States Dollars (USD 2.00) for every paying client sleeping overnight payable only once on entrance on title  *******where the developments are situated.

  1. User

From the copies of leases “The land and buildings shall be used for first class luxurious tented camp and lodges.

  1. Services

a)         Water
This is from two sunken boreholes within the subject property.. The water is pumped to treatment plant having plastic tanks (9 No.) each 8,000 lts. After final filtration the water is pumped to the main overhead water reservoir collection tank for distribution to other areas by gravitational flow.

b)         Power

This is from 2 No. 105 KVA Akas, each diesel engine generators.

There are Solar Panels variously located within the built areas which are used for heating of water. Three of tents are equipped with inverters.
c)         Sewage.
This is to septic tanks and soaks pits.
d)         Fire precautions
During the course of our inspection, we noted that the property contained fire extinguishers.
e)         Roads
The access road from Nairobi – Oloitokitok Road is laid in murram. The driveway and parking areas are earthen.

The internal foot paths are laid in Mazeras stones.



  1. The Plot

The plot has a gentle or level gradient and is characterised with red sandy soil.

The plot’s boundaries are generally unmarked. The developed area is however surrounded by two parallel security electric fencing on treated posts and provided with a double opening wooden/metal gate.

The tented camp and other buildings are developed on Title No. ******* leaving the rest undeveloped and covered by thickets and natural grass.

There are various strategically positioned electrical lighting along the foot paths and the compound.

  1. General Description


The developments within********* lodge comprise 60 luxury tents all constructed overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro, The Reception cum offices, The lounge cum Bar, Dinning, Kitchen and The Managers House. Others include the drivers and servant quarter blocks, generator cum workshop building.

In addition there is a swimming pool and pool bar area, car park and the guard’s house.

Construction and accommodation
a)         The Reception/Office Block
This is built in casuarina poles supporting a high pitched makuti roof on wooden purlins and trusses. The office section which is set below the high pitched roof has stone walls externally partly cladded in natural pebbles and polished offcut timber, plastered internally. All wet areas are finished in ceramic tiles to ¾ levels. Floors are finished in maji ya chumvi stones to the reception area and ceramic tiles elsewhere. The offices have louvers in wood casement windows with wire netting. All doors are solid T & G timber saves for gift shop which has a glazed timber casement type.
Ceilings are in Gypsum boards.

Main reception area with a counter
Three Offices
Cashier office
Gift Shop

  1. The Main Bar

This is similarly constructed to the main reception with part dwarf masonry walling. It has an abutting circular washroom in similar construction to reception’s above. 
It comprises:-
Bar Lounge with counter
Corridor to
Ladies and

  1. The Restaurant/Dinning

This is adjacent and similarly constructed to the Bar.
It comprises:-
Spacious dining area
The terrace
Corridor connecting to:
d)           The Kitchen

This is behind the Restaurant. It is built in stone walling, externally pattern rendered and colour washed, plastered and painted internally, set below a pitched makuti roof. All wet areas walls are finished in ceramic tiles to ¾ levels.

Floors are finished in Ceramic tiles or cement screed to some of the rear rooms.

Windows are in wooden casements with wire netting.  Ceilings are open or lined in gypsum boards. Doors are solid T & G or flush timber or louvered metal types.

It comprises:-

Kitchen with sinks
Two Dry goods/beverages stores
House Keeping
Chemical store
Linen store
Attached sheds with part weldmesh walling having sections for
Gas Cylinder
Vegetable store
Chiller compressor
Freezer compressor

e)         The manager’s house

This is similarly constructed to the office block above.
Accommodation comprises:-
Entrance porches
Kitchen with cabinets, sink and marble worktops
2 No (two) Bedroom each en-suite with wardrobe, washroom having WC, shower cubicle, WHB and dressing area

f)          Swimming Pool
This is a fully tiled swimming pool whose surrounds are laid in maji ya chumvi stones. A filtration plant is provided within the pool house.

f)            Pool House

It is similarly constructed to the Managers house above save for the chemical store floors which are finished in screed.

It comprises:-
The bar
Corridor to
Gents changing room with WC, urinal, bathroom and WHB
Ladies changing room with WC, bathroom and WHB
Gents Massage room
Ladies massage room
Chemical store
Pool filtration plant

The staff and drivers quarter blocks and canteen are developed on the northern side described below.

l)          Canteen

It is built in concrete block walling, externally colour washed, plastered and painted internally, beneath a monopitched IT4 sheet covering on steel structure roof. All wet areas walls are finished in ceramic tiles to ¾ levels.
Floors are finished in Ceramic tiles.

Widows are in louvered casements with wire netting.  Ceilings are open. Doors are solid T & G timber

It comprises:-

Covered verandah

m)          Staff Quarter blocks

These are three blocks behind the canteen block which is similarly constructed to it saving for the floor to the rooms which are in cement screed.

Each of the blocks comprises:-

Ten rooms each with a verandah
Central yard
Laundry area with two sinks
i)        Ablution Block

This is at the middle of the staff quarter blocks. It is similarly constructed to canteen and walling is finished in ceramic tiles.

It comprises:-
Senior staff with
LADIES with 3WC, 2 showers, 2WHB
GENTS with 2WC, 2 showers, urinals and WHB
Lobby with sinks
General staff with 2WC, 2 showers, urinal, 2WHB, Lobby with sinks
Local staff with 2WC, 2 showers, urinals and 2WHB Lobby with sinks

k)           Drivers Quarters
These are three blocks next to the canteen blocks that are similarly constructed to staff quarters.

Each comprises:-

Six single rooms
Central yard
Splash area
Gents with WC, shower, urinal, WHB
Ladies with WC, Shower, WHB

h)           Generator room/Workshop

It is similarly constructed to staff quarter blocks above with part concrete walling.
It comprises:-
Generator room
Compressor room
Workshop with inspection pit

j)            Guards house

It is similarly constructed to the staff quarter block above with part irregular natural stone cladding to external walling.
It comprises of one room



ii)         The Luxury Tents

These comprise 60 fully furnished en suit luxurious tents. They are set in row overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro. They are accessed via a foot path constructed in mazeras stone.

Each tent is set on a raised concrete slab finished in mazeras or ceramic tiles to washrooms. Roof is high pitched tiled covering resting on hollow metal purlins and trusses and supported by slanting hollow metal poles. Washrooms have natural stone parapet/high walling internally finished in ceramic tiles.

Each of the tents has the following accommodation

Lobby with inbuilt wardrobe/safe and dressing mirror
Room having a masonry head board with a reading mirror, shelves and drawers
Bathroom with WC, Shower cubical with automated massage shower, WHB

Each of the tents is provided with in room safe deposit box, fridge, hair dryer, Dynamo torch, Tea/coffee facilities.

In addition three of the tents are disabled with full time power and battery inverters
Family House one
Directors house one

  1. Gross Areas

The following areas were physically measured or taken from the building plans



 Area sqm

 Area sq.ft

The Reception/Office Block



The Main Bar



The Restaurant/Dinning



The Kitchen



The managers house + family house



 Luxury Tents



Pool House






Staff Quarter blocks



 Drivers Quarter



Ablution Block



Generator room/Workshop



Guards house




  1. Tenancy:

The Lodge is managed by the registered leaseholders.

The hotel has a capacity of 60 guests (Double).

  1. General Comments

This is an ideally located property that falls adjacent to Amboseli National Park. It offers luxurious tents facilities comprising sixty fully furnished en suites.The tents are set in rows facing the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

The style of the lodge is casuarina poles, high pitched makuti roof and natural stones with extensive use of maji ya chumvi stones, all meant to retain the park’s natural ecosystem.

Other camps and lodges in this neighbourhood includes Kibo Safari camp, Mada kilima safari Camp, Sopa Lodge, Taxi Camp, Serena,ngama and Oltukai lodge,

Suite 112, 1st Floor, Uniafric House, Koinange St.
P. O. Box 4293 - 00200 (City Square) Nairobi - KENYA
Phone: 254-2- 2214172 / 254-020 2214173 Fax: 254-2- 2214174

CELLULAR HOTLINE: 254-722- 566725
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